Right-wing Senate losses Again and other Happenings!!!

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brownback-dummydumbwitsFailed Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed his intent to vote on an Iran sanctions bill next week to further disrupt President Obama’s negotiations with Iran. His plan backfired by pissing off Dems that were in favor (but not until after 24 march) who then voiced their objections causing McConnell to back off.

Failed Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has taken his state to the financial gutter as a result of implementing Right-wing policies including tax cuts. Now however, he is at least listening to the prospect of going for Obamacare Medicaid expansion. If he does, he will be on a short list of Red states such as Arkansas, Utah, and Indiana.

You’ve all heard of O’Reilly lying – well now we have Franklin Graham who calls himself “Rev” lying with O’Reilly off course. He made up this story about D.C being infiltrated by Muslims.  No proof off course (God must have whispered in his ears) and “Muslims?” So are we to infer from Graham that Muslims are very bad people? He sure does make it out that why. Hey Rev – what happened to that Thou shall not Lie” commandment?  Folks, read the whole story below and see what you think. This is why is best that religion focuses on itself and stays out of politics. By the why Rev, if you’re not careful all you Right-wing Christians may go the way of old white dudes. Turns out that White Christians are the minority in 19 States (article below) !!!  Maybe if you practice your religion instead of politics of hate more folks might join your religion.

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