The CPAC Clown Show is over

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Obama_PoliticusSo CPAC was last week.   A couple days of conservative presidential hopefuls trying to outdo each other for who could insult our president the most. No – no policy discussions – no proposed solutions to America’s many problems – just hate talk because their base doesn’t expect any real solutions just the power of governance so they don’t live under a Muslim, socialist, communist, lead-from-behind, dictator….!

While CPAC was ongoing, the Congressional Clown car was poised to shutdown the DHS in order to kill the president’s legal and constitutional executive order on immigration.   Republican Peter King, while no friend of progressives did demonstrate that even within the republican establishment there are republicans who are fed up with the extremism of the Tea Party. He said in an interview, ”This madness has to end soon…I’ve had it with this self-righteous, delusional wing of the party.”

Progressives, what has happened in the first month of republican congressional leadership (or lack of it) has been congressional overreach. McConnell and Boehner believed they would roll over the Dems and the president. This is what happens when you have no respect for your president or democratic governance. They lost on Keystone and now on immigration all while taking America to the brink of a DHS shutdown. For six years, they pushed Obama to the point were he has learned his lesson that no matter what – the Right wing will never compromise, even on matters they used to agree with Dems before Obama came on board.

I suspect America will have immigration reform before the end of Obama’s presidency. As for foreign policy failures – so far as with everything else they are manufactured lies. Putin is contained with sanctions vs. American lives; ISIS will be contained or destroyed with other than American lives unless Obama bends to pressure and Iran will make a deal or not – if not then we keep on with sanctions that have done quite well against Iran. TPL



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