Tea Party Rubio does NOT represent Latinos!

Posted by on April 22, 2015 10:47 am
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Rubio for pres_politicalconundrum lefora comTea Party Marco Rubio recently announced his run for presidency. He will not get the nomination but don’t be surprised if the Right signs him up a VP thinking just because he is a Latino that somehow the Latinos are stupid enough to vote Republican on that fact alone. No way! Rubio is just like all the other Right-wing candidates if not more – a phony – driven by personal ambition and nothing more. The fact that he ran away from his own immigration bill after the Tea Party complained means he sold out Latinos and will continue to sell them out as he maintains himself aligned to the extreme wing of the Right. Ana Marie Cox wrote an excellent article were she highlights thatTake away Rubio’s biography and look at his positions and he becomes less the voice of his generation and more Benjamin Button. If I told you about a candidate that was anti-marriage equality, anti-immigration reform (for now), anti-pot decriminalization, pro-government surveillance, and in favor of international intervention but against doing something about climate change, what would you guess the candidate’s age to be? On all of those issues, Rubio’s position is not the one shared by most young people. The Guardian dubbed him the “John McCain of the millennial set,” which isn’t fair to McCain, who at least has averred that climate change exists. Indeed, with those opinions, the only demographic Rubio can plausibly claim to represent is old white guys.” For all his talk about yesterday being over – its not for him as he clings to old Cuban policy and old Right-wing ideology.


And by the way, Rubio lied about his parents coming to the U.S. because of Castro. No, his parents his parents immigrated to the United States in 1956 before Castro went to Cuba to take it over. This is not something you miss – it likely was deliberate so he could make himself out to be the son of Cuban exiles who had to leave because of Castro. So there you have it – he will lie to make himself look good and turn his back on Latinos for Tea Party politics. In his presidential announcement speech, Rubio talked about being “Grounded in the lessons of history” – all BS. He also talked of “Yesterday is over and we’re never going back.” This to suggest Hillary is stuck in the pass but in reality it is Rubio so young but tied to old idea and old positions such as Cuba. As Ana Marie Cox wrote – it is clear he bring no new, fresh ideas just the same old policies of a tired old party.

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