Bush solves Baltimore problem – Just have more marriages!!

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J bush_boardgamegeekI’m not joking. You can’t make this up. What do you expect from a party that has no empathy – just acts like it does?   Presidential wannabe, Jeb Bush stated that to solve the Baltimore inner city poverty problem you just need more folks to get married. Done – problem solved at no cost to tax payer!   We can’t say he is stupid even though he belongs to the stupid party so we have to assume he is intelligent and just doesn’t give a hoot. Is this what we want from a president?

The “War on Poverty” has done good as it has lowered the rate of poverty or in many cases kept it down from otherwise much higher rates. So it is working. It is working but the problem is so big, we need to do more. There needs to be a serious discussion and plan implemented for the urban centers to get jobs and job training where the poor live.   We can start by providing tax breaks to businesses that create work in the city. Another idea is to recruit more police and firefighters local. How is it that in a city like Baltimore that the police force hires from outside the area? Clearly job training would help.

As the Center for American Progress stated: “The War on Poverty has not failed us, but our economy has.” See their report here

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