Right-winger Regrets not getting Obamacare!

Posted by on May 14, 2015 6:08 pm
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Luis-Lang-300x194So here is a real story about the results of Right-wing ignorance and hate.  It is an unfortunate situation for a man that for no real, justified reason other than to believe Right-wing media BS on Obamacare that he finds himself desperate for healthcare and unable to get any.

He refused Obamacare and then one day discovered that due to diabetes, he was going blind. He then sought to get health care but the open enrollment season was closed. He blames Obama – why off course.  You want to feel sorry for him but why?  He made his choice, right? The Right is all about individual responsibility – eh?  Now he pays the price for not getting Obamacare.  By the way, he can’t get Medicare because he is in one of the Red states that refused to expand Medicaid to spite Obamacare.  So that said, he still needs help as he can get treated to prevent the blindness so if you want to give, see the Forward Progressive article below.  It has a link for donations.

You progressives need to read the articles below and pass on; and next time you hear some Right-wing complain about Obamacare – give that person a copy of the articles by Forward Progressives and The Daily KOS.

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Pic credits: Ann Doss Helms / Charlotte Observer)

Read more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com and Ann Helms and Charlotte Observer

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