Right wing Judges save ObamaCare!!!

Posted by on June 26, 2015 12:58 am
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Ocare to stay_BloombergSo really? Right wing Judges save ObamaCare?  Well, actually, Justice Roberts used Scalia and his lackies own words from the previous ObamaCare ruling against them.  Roberts wrote, “Without the federal subsidies … the exchanges would not operate as Congress intended and may not operate at all,”   This is exactly what Scalia and his worthless buds argued in the last case.  See it here in the Vox article.  This was, after all is said and done, a simple case unless you wanted to play Right-wing politics, which Scalia and Alito did.  Justice Roberts wrote, “Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not destroy them,” 

That is the bottom line.  Congress did not intentionally write in language to destroy or not makes the most gains possible in health care reform for all.  It was as with most things a matter of reading the entire law and putting the 6 words the Right focused on in full context.

So the Right is already screaming repeal bla bla yet none of them can say what is specifically wrong with the law – they rather just lie to get votes but just recall the recent example of a Right winger that refused ObamaCare, and when he began to lose his vision became a true believer and a new Democrat!

In other news – Donald Trump who succeeded in losing the Hispanic vote for the Republicans has learned that UNIVISION who has the largest number of Hispanic viewers and part sponsor to Ms Universe has pulled out of Ms Universe due to Trumps insults.  One of the guest singers also pulled out.  Trump – you’re FIRED!  Saludos, TPL!

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