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Posted by on June 9, 2015 10:41 am
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job grothA good reminder that even now, years later, we have several if not most Republican leaders stating they would not have supported the GM and Chrysler bailouts. Let us nor our Right Wing Nut friends forget that per Huffington Post article, “By nearly all accounts, the 2009 rescue package saved a vital U.S. industry and, just maybe, the economic fortunes for an entire region.” So in other words my progressive friends, even to this day with the results of the Obama decision to bailout GM and Chrysler clear as mud, they will not give credit much less admit they were wrong not to mention disloyal to American workers. Obama’s courageous decision saved 2.6 million jobs and helped keep many associated businesses like auto supply and tire stores solvent.

Allen Clifton of Forward Progressives wrote a great, must read article on the latest regarding the great jobs report and the Right wing reaction. Folks note, 63 months of job growth not to mention multiple records in the stock market all under Obama.

Obama’s legacy: Saved American economy and improved/expanded health care for millions.

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