Cruz agrees with Trump on immigrants

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Cruz - Bad for America

Cruz – Bad for America

It seems that Cruz thinks immigrants are rapists too or at least that is my conclusion after seeing his interview with Chuck Todd were he defends Trump on his immigration comments, and twists the issue around to attack the media. This blatant hypocrisy must be continued to be called out for Americans to see what a hypocrite Cruz is.  Todd forced Cruz’s hand to show all he has no immigration plan other than to strengthen the border and have a conversation. You call that presidential leadership? I don’t.

Latino leaders have been demanding the GOP dump Trump but so far no one has the guts to stand up to Trump. Tells you something about the Right wing leadership and the Republican party.   The reality is the Right wing position on immigrants is similar to Trump’s. Is why they don’t speak out for fear of pissing of their racist base. After a few days, we are seeing signs of slight condemnation of Trump by Huckabee, Bush and a couple others but make no mistake their solution is basically border security.

Most of the Republican presidential candidates have displayed either a lack of moral courage to condemn Trump’s racist comments or feel it is useful keep their racist base on their side. I guess that’s the bottom line – just play to an ignorant, bigoted base to ensure your place in the GOP.  Is this good for America? No, not one bit.   And note it is early in the 2016 process so one can argue that the Right is has already wrote off any hope for the Hispanic vote and will rely on voter fraud – the kind that denies voters the opportunity to vote.  TPL


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