Huckabee’s Unchallenged Hypocrisy

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huckabee_anthonypeoples_comMike Huckabee will never be president but he will continue to be a leader within the Right wing, particularly among the fanatical evangelicals whose version of the bible seems to be one of hate towards gays and anti-abortion fever. It seems as if all the rest of that Jesus talk of love thy neighbor, help and feed the poor and just do all round good does not connect with him and his followers. He has said all manner of insulting things, many directed at our president. The only thing he accomplishes beyond selling his trash books is to foment hate.

What kind of christian theology is that?!! He is not the only one. How is it that these so-called Christians live with themselves? Likely because they decide to interpret the bible to their convenience to rationalize their hate and bigotry with cherry pick lines out of the book. If you want to live according to Jesus, maybe all it takes is just leaving the judging to the Lord sort of as Pope Francis said, “Who am I to judge?” There is religion and there is state governance. The two should be separate. No religious belief especially made-up ones need be imposed on others. We already have religious freedom in the U.S. Don’t let any hypocrite, liar, tell you other-wise. For example, if you don’t agree with homosexualism because of your religion then fine – don’t be gay and don’t marry someone of the same sex. Those out there that are good, true Christians should see this is horribly wrong and stand up to Huckabee and his kind. They do a tremendous disservice to our nation, religion in general and to the good people that go about their lives living the Word vs. speaking words of hate. Think about that.   TPL


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