It’s not Trump – it’s his followers we should worry about!

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Trump insults real war hero!

Trump insults real war hero!

This week, the Huffington Post one of my favorite progressive sites announced they would not follow Trump news-wise except for covering him in the entertainment section of their post as he is a sideshow. I disagree and would urge them to reconsider. The significance of the Trump candidacy is not Trump but rather in the impact of his horrible hate speech and the size of his followers. While we all know the Right wing base is full of racists bigots and extreme thinking of varied kind; it was surprising how many republicans agree with Trump, which as of a recent FOX poll indicates that 70% – yes 70% of republicans agree with Trump’s racist immigrant rants and rave. This should be very frightening to the rest of America. This means that we have a significant voting block that is more encouraged by bigotry, racism, and all around hate talk than is willing to denounce the same. It speaks ill of a cancer that lies within America – a cancer of hate, bigotry, and racism that will wear away at the very foundation of our democracy. When you mix in corporate greed, well folks, we have a problem.

Trump’s racist depiction of Mexicans was eaten up by the base. Most of the Right wing leadership such as Congress stayed quiet while Limbaugh and the FOX Right wing hate machine went into full Trump defense mode. Trump has insulted most of the republican presidential candidates excepting for Cruz and Walker with very little push back. His latest may despicable insult of John McCain however, may cost him support among active duty military and veterans. To no one’s surprise, Trump avoided the war through repeated deferments.

Trump has succeeded in transforming himself (unintentionally I believe) from a self-promoting buffoon to a human figure akin to the confederate flag – a symbol of racial hate and bigotry wrapped in egotistical overblown, self-importance.

Trump succeeded over the years in creating the illusion that the Trump name was synonymous with luxury and high quality. The Trump name now has fallen from grace as it now only represents self-absorbed egotism and racism. As a result of Trump’s hideous, racist characterization of Mexicans however, the Washington DC community took on the task of petitioning the Department of Interior to get rid of the Trump name off the hotel build from what was once the Old Post Office. It is an insult to have the Trump name on a national landmark just a short walk from the White House. I urge you to join in that petition.

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