Thank Progressives for JohnsonCare (Medicare)!!!!

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President Johnson signing the Medicare bill with former President Truman

President Johnson signing the Medicare bill with former President Truman

2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Medicare bill. On 30 July 1965, Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill marking years of attempts by various presidents including Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Kennedy and others of securing health care for the needy. Medicare began as a way to provide basic health care for the nation’s elderly.   It has evolved were today it has expanded to more of our nation’s poor as a centerpiece of Obamacare. In fact some like Roosevelt and Kennedy actually sough universal health care! Imagine that – wasn’t just a radical Clinton/Obama idea. In spite of all the talk that Medicare and Medicaid are in finacial trouble (BS) it retains almost unanimous support among all Americans.

While one can argue the merits of any survey or poll, one poll completed by the Kaiser Family Foundation provides very good news that reaffirms what many of us know intuitively that Medicare and Medicaid are very, very, very popular among seniors regardless of politician affiliation. “By two-to-one margins, people of all political persuasions favor preserving Medicare in its current form, as opposed to replacing it with vouchers or other forms of premium support.” And ” Among people ages 65 and older, 85% of Republicans, 89% of independents, and 92% of Democrats say Medicare is very important. And roughly 90% of those using Medicare and Medicaid report positive experiences with the programs. While Medicaid was once viewed as health insurance for poor people, any stigma associated with the program has largely disappeared. If people need it, they’ll sign up for it…

As progressives we must all be very watchful and engaged to ensure that Medicare & Medicaid are not destroyed as Jeb Bush already stated must be done. What is needed is for the programs to be refined, improved and expanded for all. To pay for it we can have the wealthy pay a small percentage of their income to the programs coupled with maybe a .05 percent increase in payroll taxes, which is how the programs are funded. Don’t let the Right wing sell you on privatization and vouchers. It won’t work. Why?

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