“The Constitution Says Nothing About A Right To Same-Sex Marriage”

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Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia“The constitution says nothing about a right to Same-Sex Marriage” is what Justice Alito said in dissent to the court ruling on same sex marriage. Given he is a Supreme Court Justice, I would have expected a much more enlighten, scholarly analysis of his interpretation of the case and the law. As for the obvious non-statement he made, well yes, he is correct. The constitution however, it also says nothing about a lot of things. For example, the constitution says nothing about denying blacks or women the right to vote. It says nothing about desegregation, interracial marriage or health care for all – the list goes on. Do you get the drift? Alito’s comment was the type comment one would expect of some ignorant tea-bagger so Alito not only exposed his personal anti-gay view but also shows us all that for such a smart guy; he really could not come up with a meaningful counter based on any rational interpretation of the law.   This is why it is so important the Dems win the presidency. The Supreme Court is after all made up of humans, each with their personal views and biases. Having another Alito or worst a Scalia is harmful to Democracy. We need justices that interpret the law in context, with humanity and empathy not with judgmental self-righteousness and bigotry. The Right loves to talk about the constitution as if they own it. Unfortunately, the Left does little to counter the perceptions. The reality is that the Right abuses the constitution to justify its own more-guns, anti-gay agenda.  Scalia, Alito and Thomas have sold out the constitution.  The next president will pick at least one justice. We need to ensure it is a progressive justice and that we all work together as a movement to get Citizens United overturned.

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