Time to End Welfare and Food Stamps!!!!!!!

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business vs moocher_openforwardthinking_comYa, It’s time to end welfare and food stamps. At least this is what the Right would want and repeatedly calls for at every opportunity. The welfare and food stamp programs are essential programs that provide bare bones assistance to our most needy. They need to be protected and more importantly they need to be free of corporate abuse. Ronald Reagan coined the term “welfare queen” suggesting that many African Americans and others are just lazy folks taking advantage of these programs in order to not work and live a life of plenty on tax payer money. Most normal Americans know this is a lie.   Time an again, the Right-wing leadership supported by the Right-wing Limbaugh-Fox misinformation media keep putting in the minds of their bigoted base that only folks on welfare and food stamps are taker, moochers, just plain lazy dependent unworthy folks. The great hypocrisy is that more whites are on welfare than non-whites, and several thousand of our solders are on food stamps to the shame or our nation. This is one of America’s great lies, which we as progressives must fight against. We must aggressively educate our family, friends and acquaintances on so that this lie can be overcome with the truth and with knowledge that will in turn foster empathy and support.


In April 2015, Forbes had great article on how Walmart costs the American taxpayer – you – $6.2 Billion dollars in public assistance!!!!   Don’t believe it?   Read the article, which has a link to the report. So the villain is not that welfare queen – it is corporate America. The same folks that have tons of cash but still keep wages down, are against the minimum wage, and who played the system to get the laws wrote to cover themselves from not looking like they hire millions of undocumented but do. No, next time you or your Right-wing friend or office co-work wants to whine about moochers and takers point them to the article. Walmart needs to pay its workers a living wage that allows them to get off food stamps etc.


Folks – when the government gives public assistance to someone like a Walmart employee it is Walmart that is mooching and taking undeserved tax payer money. This $6.2 Billion is $6.2 Billion Walmart should be paying in employee salary vs. pocketing. It is $6.2 Billion that could go to others. So we don’t need public assistance programs cut. We need to keep them – make them more efficient to include exposing the corporate moochers and takers!!! TPL

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