Military and FBI to arrest Women seeking Legal Abortions!

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Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

A very revealing and alarming discovery by AP news. AP found thatnearly 60 donations of a million dollars or more accounted for about a third of the more than $380 million brought in so far for the 2016 presidential election. Donors who gave at least $100,000 account for about half of all donations so far to candidates’ presidential committees and the super PACs that support them.”   You should be concerned that just a few dozen folks have so much influence on who becomes president but more importantly what favors they end up receiving should their candidate become president. The Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United changed politics for the worst and needs to be repealed. Only a Democratic president will do that.

One guy Citizens United will not advantage is Huckabee. The corporate boys will never take him seriously though they love how he winds up the evangelicals, a sure Right wing vote given their fixation with gays and abortion. The Pretend-Baptist Minister Huckabee is now threatening to use the military and FBI to stop women from having abortions should he become president. Abortions are legal in America but Huckabee feels that God’s laws overrule American law. Sounds kinda like those folks that want to impose Sharia law in their country. You betcha!!!   Ya, well folks this is a very real threat to our democracy just after the corporate influence and domestic terrorism.

These people freak out over a couple issues – gays and abortions – and that becomes all they want to deal with other than off course blame Obama for everything. They are right now wound up over the Planned Parenthood videos. When you look at the facts, Planned Parenthood has done nothing wrong but it doesn’t matter. Yesterday Congress sought to vote on denying funding to Planned Parenthood. The vote fell short thanks to Harry Reid but they will keep trying. Ted Cruz is threatening to shutdown the government – again. His last failed shutdown cost you $24 Billion!! Keep in mind that abortions are legal. Planned Parenthood does not use federal funds for abortions. Also keep in mind that the fetal tissue is used for medical research, which many Americans benefit from. So you have here another irrational move by the Right to suck up to the crazies. The funds they seek to deny are used for all types of support to women’s health except abortions.

Progressives – these Right wing fanatical Christians seek a theocratic America – not a democratic America. In case you don’t know what theocratic means – it means: “a form of government in which God or a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler, the God’s or deity’s laws being interpreted by the ecclesiastical authorities.”

Your vote matters – I will say this time and again. If you let the crazies take over you will have but yourselves to blame. TPL


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