This is my country too, so get over it.

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Racist Trump Support Tells U.S. Citizen Jorge Ramos to leave country!

Racist Trump Support Tells U.S. Citizen Jorge Ramos to leave country!

Jorge Ramos is the Tom Brocal of Spanish language TV and TV anchor for Univision, which has the largest viewership in U.S. TV. Given his stature, the other reporters deferred to Ramos as he got up to ask Trump a question. Trump had him thrown out only to bring him back in when other reporters challenged Trump on why he did not answer Ramos’ questions. While in the hall, a trump supported got on Ramos and told him to “Get out of my country.” This sick, racist is but one more example of what Trump is doing- getting all the sick, racist bigots all wind up.

Ramos pointed out to the Trump racist that he is a U.S. citizen, which did not seem to matter to the racist. Folks, America is more – much more than just old white folks. I would not be surprised that this racist also identifies as a Christian given their history of hypocrisy.

The racist, bigoted hate aimed at Hispanics will only result in a backlash of resentment. Best to work to integrate Hispanics and others into America rather than resist. The 11 million undocumented will not ever be rounded up as Trump suggests. Less we forget, the 11 million are here because some business owner gave them jobs. If these bigots were honestly focused on solving immigration they would be better off turning their attention to business owners rather than Hispanics.

That won’t happen as this is all about the ugliest part of America that racist element that is big wanting their America white. That is a dream never to be fulfilled. TPL

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