Did Brother Bush really keep us safe after 9-11?

Posted by on October 17, 2015 2:18 pm
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Really Jeb?

Really Jeb?

Yesterday, Trump stated that 9-11 happened on Bush’s watch. Jeb countered that his brother kept us safe.   Well maybe so afterward though he turned the Middle East upside down with an unwarranted war in Iraq.   Another way to look at it is he started a war in Iraq take took Americans there that created the opportunity for every terrorist that couldn’t go to America to go to fight our sons and daughters there. The casualty figures are great – you can look them up. Bush threw us into an unnecessary war in Iraq, creating instability and total disarray in the Middle East and he destroyed the American economy almost taking it to a depression. Even his own party can’t stand him. The problem with all this is the stupid blame game that takes us away from what is important – not getting into wars lightly.

Obama pulled us out of the mess Bush created. America is out of Iraq and well onto an economic recovery. At the individual level, Americans are not as well off as they suffer from wage stagnation. The source of this points to corporate greed and Right-wing obstruction as the culprits. The resistance to raising the minimum wage, not raising wages, denying health care and trying to privatize social security are nothing more than corporate greed. Just think – why would the Koch brother be looking to spend almost a Billion to get a republican president? Trump claims he is not owned by any billionaire, but wait – he is a billionaire who has his own agenda.   Yes, we need a Democrat and we need to turn back Citizen’s United for it has done so much to corrupt our democracy than most any other factor. TPL

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