2015 – The year of Trump Fascism, Racism, Bigotry and Hate.

trump_redbubbleWhile many of us had enough about Trump every day, it will be the state of American politics through much if not all of 2016. But what does this mean besides having to hear daily from this dangerous (and he is dangerous) blowhard? The fact that Trump dominates the airways is a warning to us of just how much our democracy has eroded. This is because; in my view the first line of defense against any threat to America from within is our press. It is our press that we rely on to provide us the facts – the truth. Unfortunately, it is failing miserably having chosen instead to pursue ratings – ah yes – corporate greed. And I’m not talking about Fox and the Right wing media circus – they are expected to lie to their own flock of sheep. It is all the rest, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and yes even progressive (a lot less so lately) MSNBC.  They are charged with keeping Americans informed but all they do is no better than tabloid journalism – what I call commentary news. With regards to Trump, they let him tell all manner of lies and don’t stand up to him for fear he will shut down access.

So you know, The Daily Kos, a great progressive blog, started a campaign called, “MSNBC and CNN should stop promoting Donald Trump’s racist presidential campaign.” I urge you all to sign up and demand that MSNBC and CNN do their job and rather than be entertaining Trump to challenge his lies even if he cuts of their access to him. The press should be ashamed of itself given the fact that Politifact for one voted Trump, Liar of 2015!   There is plenty of news other than Trump. For starters, how about covering the Puerto Rican debt crisis. If you don’t know, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and their island born are U.S. citizens by birth (unlike Canadian Ted Cruz). There are 3.5 million island residents and the island can’t pay its debts. This situation is on par with the Greece debt crisis so just think about it, Puerto Rico is our Greece and Congress, specifically the republicans did not include anything in the budget to help Puerto Rico, kicking the can to next year!!!

So 2015 finished with Trump getting the Politifact 2015 Lie of the Year, and Hillary named in the Gallop poll for 17 of 18 times as the woman most admired.

2016 should be an exciting year for politics with the buildup to the election.   It will be interesting to see how the right wing ends up with its nominee. I still think that somehow Trump will pull out over some ginned up issue. It is not wishful thinking but somehow, I just don’t think that this guy can sit still and focus daily on the numerous challenges a president faces daily. He can’t govern as president by suing folks and insulting them and he will find out quickly that he can’t tell congress what to do. But if I am wrong it will be entertaining to watch his orange hair turn grey over 4 years as he is no two term president.

This will be my last commentary for 2015. I wish to thank all my subscribers to my blog and to my Facebook followers. I ask that you please pass on my link to your friends and encourage them to subscribe to my blog. My goal for 2016 is to start a bi-monthly newsletter – free to all subscribers. Wishing you all the best for 2016!!!!     TPL

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