Cruz has a problem with the truth

Posted by on January 19, 2016 12:32 pm
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Cuz daily newsCruz did not win liar of the year from Politifact – Trump did.  That said, Cruz likely was a strong contender.  The latest is his lack of clarity over the million he borrowed from his wife’s Goldman Sachs.  This as a minimum is a big conflict of interest – read here.    The fact checkers are all over Cruz regrading the 1 MILLION he “borrowed” from Goldman.  Several news groups have highlighted Cruz as a prolific liar.  One of the better articles is by Slate on “The Real Ted Cruz.”  Read here

Trump has the upper hand in just plain exposing Cruz (takes one to know one) for what he is.   And finally, the issue over his being a natural born citizen has just gotten more shady as there is a new question as to whether Cruz’s mother was married at the time of his birth given she was divorced – married (?) but on the birth certificate still used “Wilson” and not “Cruz” as her last name.

The point here is that voters must watch out for the guy that is a great talker but when you peel the onion is just a lying liar.  Trump and Cruz have been exposed time and time again.  That they maintain support is a sad testament to our nation that so many chose to be ignorant.

See this SNL skit highlighting Cruz’s foot in the mouth problem regarding his insult t o all New Yorkers.  TPL


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