Hillary Clinton Did Not Send ‘Top Secret’ Emails On Private Server


The latest on Hillary’s email is that several are classified Top Secret.  I ask that you read this article by Addicting Info to include the links in it to get at the truth.  The summary below is an extract from the article.  Bottom line is that she did not send the email and AT THE TIME THE EMAILS WERE NOT CLASSIFIED!!!.  

You can chose to know the truth or just decide to accept the Right’s lies – your choice though democracy works best with facts.


  1. There are seven emails which the State Department says are now considered classified.
  2. The emails originated from inside the agency’s unclassified system.
  3. They were not marked ‘classified’ or ‘top secret’ when they were sent.
  4. The emails were not sent by Hillary Clinton, but were sent to her, along with a number of other people.
  5. One of the ‘top secret emails’ is likely a published newspaper article.

In other words, this is not the huge scandal republicans were hoping for. Instead, it’s just another baseless right wing attack on Hillary Clinton that falls apart under even the slightest amount of scrutiny.


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