What the Hell is going on America?

Posted by on January 25, 2016 3:45 pm
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Trump_Cruz_phoenixnewtimeWhat the hell has happened to our country were two egomaniacs with a chronic case of diarrhea-of-the-mouth, both known for lying are the two leads for the Republican presidential nomination.  Now if you are a RightWingNut, you’ll likely bring up Hillary and her lies about emails and Benghazi, bla, bla so I’ll just spare you – don’t even try as in either case she did not lie. You all just decided she did. That’s called fantasy thinking. In the case of Trump and Cruz – they both have been outed by various based on factual data. If you recall Politifact gave Trump what amounts to liar of the year and Cruz, well he likely would be a close second. See this Slate article here

It is truly amazing that the conservative elites are just now going after Trump while many are just as equally going after Cruz. It’s a mess! It looks like Trump will prevail given more Republican elites just plain hate Cruz for all the sh_t he pulled as a Senator to include calling Senator McConnell a liar (takes one to know one), and costing the taxpayers $24 billion due to his government shut down gimmick.

Folks, our democracy is at risk from the fanatical evangelicals and the wana-be gun totting patriots who have highjacked the Republican party.   Now its corporatist leadership having lost control is panicking. It is my hope that those on the progressive side do not tune out and come to understand what is at stake. If progressives show up to vote, they will prevent the government takeover by fanatics. It’s up to progressives and independents, and maybe even moderate-true conservatives too embarrassed and equally frightened by a Trump or Cruz government takeover to take back America from the crazies.

On the positive side, President Obama is marching on – not willing to sit out his last year.  The economy has recovered from its near collapse under Bush. His health care bill has left America with the lowest number of uninsured in history. No more fear from pre-existing conditions and those 26 and under can still be on their parent’s plan if unemployed, and much more. He has not only taken down OBL but has done away with many terrorist leaders. Though criticized for ISIS, he is doing the right thing keeping our sons and daughter out of the fight. Folks, Obama is a strategic thinker. He looks at the reality of a situation and his efforts are showing throughout our economy, healthcare, and foreign policy.

Note that just recently U.S. air strikes hit ISIS money caches destroying millions of dollars in currency they depend on.   ISIS leadership recently informed its followers that everyone’s pay will be cut in half!  It will take time.  There is no quick solution in spite of what the Right says.   Actually, if you listen closely to the few Republican candidates that state any specifics regarding ISIS; they tend to say what Obama is already doing.  They know he is on track but need to lie and feed BS to their ignorant base to ensure their vote. TPL


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