America Disgraced by Trumpmania!

Posted by on March 13, 2016 2:35 am
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images-1If you don’t already know about the shutdown of the Trump rally in Chicago last night; go look it up and prepare to feel shame for how our political process has deteriorated thanks to the good for nothing racist, egomaniac Trump.

Trump as you know has deliberately drawn on the worst most hateful elements within the bowels of the Republican Party to pursue his selfish quest for the presidency. In the process he has insulted just about every group save for white males. He even taunts the media, which has given up its responsibility for reporting only to copy Entertainment Tonight’s format. Trump appears in my view deliberately fueled his campaign with repeated, unrepentive incendiary language that has emboldened his followers to violence. For all this he takes no responsibility. He called last night’s protesters “thugs.” The real thug is he and we do not want a thug as president!

That he has gotten so far is testament to a cancer within the Ring wing that has among its party followers thousands if not millions of racists, bigots, immigrant and Obama haters. Cruz and Rubio have been cowardly not to stand up to him – one for lack of real skills and mostly because they somehow feel they will need his supporters if Trump goes down.

For all the lies and unfounded beliefs over Obama, the reality is that President Obama has consistently served our nation with dignity and class. He has worked to improve the lives of Americans in spite of the horrendous obstruction and shameful disrespect that has had to endure. Not a one Republican can provide a reasoned argument much less facts to prove that any of what Obama has done or tried to do is as horrible as they paint it daily to a purposefully ignorant Right wing electorate.

Against the Wall Street bail out in spite of the fact that Obama’s policies saved America from a second 1930s type depression. Repeal every word of Obamacare when yet to this date with over 60 worthless votes, not a one including the Canadian Cruz can intelligently explain why – what is wrong with that bill. The same is true for everything else because it is enough to just say that whatever Obama does or wants is bad for America since their low level misinformed base is happy to be fed the BS. You see, it doesn’t take much to fuel hate.

Trump and those left that cling to the hope of a failed Republican nomination are taking down America because you can’t govern on nothing but lies and hate. When has one – just one Right-winger ever challenged Trump on the fantasy investigation he says he initiated in Hawaii during the last presidential election against Obama? Folks, it was all a hoax just as it is with the BS coming out of his mouth daily. To think any rational, half informed citizen could realistically believe that Trump as president will build a wall and make the Mexican government pay for it is just have Sh_t for brains!

While the Democrats may more easily win with Trump as the nominee, it is at this low point that one can only hope to halfway salvage the Right’s movement by having Cruz another egomaniac but who can speak more to issues even if his policy views are more crazy than Trump. Seriously – abolish the IRS and other government agencies? It will never happen. Making the government out to be the enemy began under Reagan and it has led to no good. We need government now more than ever as we see how severely mismanaged the states are. Take look up how Kansas and Louisiana have been bankrupted by its Right wing governance. Responsible leadership would seek to make government more efficient, cut waste etc. but we need government to look out for the common good. Cutting government for the sake of it only leads to more corporate power and abuse and this is why it should be self evident why the Koch brothers and allies are planning to invest close to $1 billion to influence the elections their way.

For those of you who consider yourselves “true conservatives” that understand that while you have your values you can only move America through compromise. A vote for Trump is for a divided America. Surely you can’t desire that. TPL

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