Nominate Sri, 97-0!

UnknownPresident Obama, I urge you to nominate Sri Srinivasan as Scalia’s replacement for Supreme Court justice. I along with millions admire you for what you have been able to accomplish for our great (yes, already great) nation in spite of deliberate and shameful Republican opposition to everything you have proposed along the way these past seven years. The Supreme Court must change and this is your moment to make the change Americans deserve. There is no denying that each of the justice’s has his/her own political philosophy. Prior to Scalia’s death, we have seen the impact of a Right-wing majority. Now with a progressive majority we can hopefully see an overturn of Citizens United, protect Obamacare, and Roe v Wade etc. There is no doubt the Right wing will fight you on this but Americans will stand by you to do what is right. There is no good reason to oppose Sri given he was approved 97-0 just three years ago and maintains an impeccable record. Even the lying Canadian Rafael Cruz voted for him and considers Sri his friend. And if the McConnell/Grassley cartel denies you a vote then Hillary can take the mantle on Day 1 to ensure his approval. So nominate Sri – this is a fight worth having now. TPL

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