Unhinged Lying Papa Rafael Cruz says ‘One More Liberal Justice’ Could Allow A Dictator To Turn Guns On Americans

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Papa Cruz_liberalAmerica_orgIt doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Ted Cruz’s father – the phony lying make believe preacher is somewhat unhinged.  Not all there.  First off as a preacher he has failed.  Seriously what man of God commits to lying repeatedly or makes up vile characterizations of our president?  So now he is saying we can end up with a dictator that might turn its guns on Americans.  Just take a read here.

Papa Cruz has a way to go however, if he is planning to be the number all-time Wingnut.  he has others way ahead of him starting with Glenn Beck. Beck is supporting Cruz as for whatever reason he seems to thing Trump is crazy.  I guess it does take one to know one:) So Beck is saying that “Ted Cruz Is divinely anointed and has been ‘raised from birth’ to save this nation” Read this story at link here.

CNN personality Glenn Beck talks with Deseret Morning News on Aug. 4, 2007.  Photo by Jennifer Ackerman/Deseret Morning News

Photo by Jennifer Ackerman/Deseret Morning News

BTW, the two articles I refered you to are found at “Right Wing Watch.”  It is truly a great site to keep abreast of all the Crazies.  TPL


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