3.5 million Americans ignored – left to financial ruin by the Right!

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Puerto Ricans Protesting Republican Debate (credits: Alice Ollstein)

Puerto Ricans Protesting Republican Debate (credits: Alice Ollstein)

I suspect most American’s aren’t that familiar with Puerto Rico, and maybe don’t know that all Puerto Ricans borne on the island are automatically natural borne US citizens. And since Puerto Rico is not a state its 3.5 million American citizens share a similar situation as does Washington DC in that they have no voice in Congress. No two senators or various congressmen – no not Puerto Rico. But hey, Congress has made some exceptions. All island residents can join the National Guard or Army or Air Force Reserves and go fight and die or lose a limb or two for our nation. Folks, Puerto Rico is in desperate financial need. Right now it stands to default on Billions and Congress (read Republicans) will do nothing. When I said the situation is dire just know that there has been an exodus from the island to Florida and other mainland states on the average of 1000 Puerto Rican Americans a month.

Puerto Rico is America’s – our Greece. How is it that Congress has yet to bother? How is it that President Obama has yet to get on television and call out to American for support of their own? Since Republican leaders don’t give a hoot (remember Rubio? Trump is against support also) Puerto Ricans must hope that our Democratic leadership will right now not tomorrow fight hard for Puerto Rico’s financial survival.

After months on dragging the House passed a PR bill midnight Weds. We’ll see if it gets through Senate and to Obama.

Obama must come to PR, so must Hillary and not just in the PR primary – now. What better opportunity to stand up for Latinos who in this case are American citizens? The Republicans will already pay the price in Florida where most Puerto Ricans leaving the island have been going. In fact some data is indicating that soon, Puerto Ricans in Florida will surpass the Cubans and thus Florida’s days as a swing state are numbered.

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