Limbaugh making up more BS!

Posted by on July 7, 2016 8:14 pm
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At Media Matters – a great site that exposes the Right they have an article: “Rush Limbaugh: Comey Didn’t Recommend Charges Against Clinton Because She’s A Female Presidential Candidate”  The Right is in denial – again  for lacking anyone that can find credible info on Hillary to take her down.  You really have to owner what goes on inside a base Right winger’s mind that sees repeated false accusation after accusation over 25 years result on nada, sip! Benghazi – 8 investigations and 11 hour testimony – Nada – sip.  Either Hillary is ones super crafty person or the Right is full of idiot investigators or maybe it’s just that every accusation is made up for an idiot group the Right depends on to get the core vote out.  Thus Rush’s lunatic accusation that he knows is just BS but will be believed by the idiot base.

Think about that as you consider voting.  For the Right wingers out there just stop and thinks for a moment.  Your being had by you own leadership,  TPL

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