Where are my Tic Tacs?

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Credits: You Tube Parody

Credits: You Tube Parody

Where are my Tic Tacs? No doubt you have seen the deplorable news of Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush. You likely also heard his conversation with Howard Stern were he is ok with Stern referring to Ivanca – Trump’s daughter as “a piece of ass.” Trump is a truly disgusting human being and to think that anyone let alone millions will still vote for him speaks sadly as to our collective being. This s a sick part of America that prefers to believe conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton and yet support a man that they have seen and heard for 16 month reveal his lying hateful, racist, bigoted, misogynist character. How can this be? On top of his despicable character, he has clearly demonstrated he knows nothing about anything. He has simply been an effective carnible barker. Is this what we want representing our nation much less being the final decider-in-chief of issues that impact the lives of all Americans including war?

Trump has been losing badly in the polls and all indications as of this past Friday were pointing to a solid Clinton win. Then out of nowhere FBI Director Comey announces he might have some emails that might be relevant to Hillary’s case. So what we have is a major non-scandal distraction due to the FBI Director playing politics on behalf of the Right-wing.

He put out a vague letter – something he does not do for any other ongoing investigations. While there is nothing there as with all the previous Right-wing attacks on Hillary over the past 25 years, this irresponsible act allows the Right-wing to get the media off Trump’s back and lets the down-ballot folks running for Congress play in conspiracy theory and guilt by innuendo.

The media is too lazy to get to the truth. To be clear all we have is that in the FBI’s conduct of its investigation of Anthony Weiner they confiscated his laptop and it appears that his wife Huma on occasion used it as well. The rest is TBD as no one knows what emails they will come across. My guess is the FBI will find nothing – knows it will find nothing at least nothing more than was found in all the previous thousands on emails.

Director Comey should resign. He has been irresponsible and partisan.

This again demonstrates that Republicans can’t run on issue. If they did they would lose hands down. This is why they are into all manner of voter suppression laws and tactics and why they pander to the idiot base that is happy to be ignorant – happy in just acting out whatever version of hate they have a fondness for.

Democrats and independents as well as sane republicans must get out and vote and our country is too valuable to hand over to the crazies.

Early voting is on-going in Florida, Virginia, Maryland and other states. Don’t wait – Go vote now.


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Pic credits: You Tube Parody

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