Repeal & Replace Obamacare is dead – for now.

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Repeal & Replace Obamacare is dead – for now. While Senator McCain cast the needed third no-vote, he is no hero, no maverick. Let’s not forget that he could have cast the one vote to stop the process to proceed from even moving forward. Also, up till this week he was not against taking healthcare away from 24 million Americans while he kept his. No-he is no hero. If there are heros they would be Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. They have been against all of the repeal and replace bills.

No one really knows what caused him to vote no. I would like to think that he was shamed into it. Seriously, what kind of a man or women can decide in favor of taking away healthcare from 24 million fellow Americans without a truly better replacement that is explained and supported by the American people before a vote?

America, the most important concern for all Americans is not Trump but Healthcare. The Republican assault on healthcare will set America back decades. Aside from the frequently voiced example of 24 million Americans to loose their healthcare as a result of any version of Republican healthcare – there will be a ripple effect that will impact many in the middle class with employer provided health plans whose premiums will go up. There is the concern over Medicare becoming a state voucher program, which can’t be expected to run anywhere as well as it does today and then there is the loss of pre-existing conditions, having children up to 26 years of age on parents health plan – all threatened.

Just think – why did the Republicans not make available their healthcare plans to the public and allow time for them to be read? Because none of their plans would provide better care than Obamacare and they know it.

You see the Republican leadership ran for seven years on media propaganda campaign that characterized O-care as harmful and evil. Senator Cruz’ “repeal every word of Obamacare” line is heard no more for even he knows it was all a lie to get the right-wing happy to be ignorant base all wound-up to vote against their own interests! Now, some of stupid woke up to realize that – oh God – Trump-Care is taking away my healthcare!

So what’s next? There is much the administration can still do to hurt healthcare. Various aspects can be defunded etc. It is now time for the Democratic leadership to step in and push for specific improvements to Obamacare and to begin selling the American people on a public option.

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