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You might argue that the past couple weeks have been but more of the same chaos we have seen from 45 for the past ten months but no – it was worst than that.

The heartless and disrespectful attitude displayed towards the 3.5 million Americans of Puerto Rico in what can only be called 45’s Katrina; not visiting California devastated by fires; sabotaging Obamacare knowing his actions would hurt rather than help Americans; not caring to at least acknowledge that the football players taking the knee were in protest to racism and cop violence against minorities; and not taking about the four special forces soldiers who gave their lives in Niger letting two weeks go by without a compassionate mention. This all while he played golf and spent his time tweaking about the flag.

On the international stage, things are a mess due to uncertainty. Will North Korea be looked at as a country we can just bomb the hell out off without significant consequences? In polls, many Americans seem to think so being ok with the notion of a preemptive strike. Ignorant minds beget unforeseen consequences. But have we thought about China, Russia? Do we think they will, especially China just sit idle while we strike?

Various Republican leaders have spoken out strongly while the majority whisper but lack the courage to voice their disapproval of 45. Meanwhile the Right-wing Christians continue to sell their souls to the devil in their quest against homosexuals and gay marriage.

After ten months, we have no jobs plan introduced but rather failed attempts to repeal O-Care as they have even after 8 years no plan to replace that would make healthcare better; DACA youth held hostage to hate and now tax breaks for the rich in a re-packaged version of “trickle-down” economics, repeatedly proven to have never worked before.

Is America falling into the Abyss? What say you?

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