Will we survive 2018?

Posted by on January 15, 2018 8:40 pm
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We are just days into 2018 and it is all going crazy-worst start than 2017. While much attention has been given to the book, “Fire & Fury,” I can say  that my concerns continue with this administration’s unraveling of what good Obama did and moving on to further hurt everyday Americans.  I don’t intend to explain much less convince you that the tax bill is just a con job, which is clear will only reward the 1 percent.  If you think other-wise then you are uninformed or more likely happy to be ignorant.  The debt created by the tax bill you can expect for Republicans to soon call for cuts in social security, Medicare and Medicaid in order to get debt under control.  That’s been their plan and sadly many base republicans go along for the ride so long as their leadership pursues or appears to pursue the aims of hate ie abortion, gay marriage and the silly 2d amendment con.

We also see the latest in racist rants. This is a racist administration and there is no good to come from this. The chipping away of democracy to ensure the wealthy is on display this week as we see hardly any republican leaders challenging the president on his behavior.

America is not only unravelling from within-it continues to be an embarrassment to the world community.

We shall see what our Democratic leadership is made of as we approach the prospects of a government shutdown on Friday. There must not be any wall for dreamers.  The Dreamers must be allowed to stay without their situation being used as blackmail for a wall that Mexico was to pay for.

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