An Illegitimate President?

45 won the 2016 election by less than 80 thousand votes across three states. While one can find fault with the Hilary campaign—we now have incontrovertible proof of what we all knew to have occurred—an attack on our democratic process —our election by Russia.

You can ignore this and point to other reasons but the fact remains that Russia invested at least 15 million to influence our vote during the 2016 election. We will know more in the coming months as I suspect this is just the tip of the collusion-iceberg.

Is our president is illegitimate? If you take into account all else about this man—how he has governed or not; how he attacks Americans and our closest allies but never Russia; that he has refused to complete the will of Congress by not implementing sanctions on Russia—many people might question his loyalty and motivation to America.

Not one president—Republican or Democrat has shied away from calling out Russia. Russia has been and is our number one adversary.

Enough about Russia. How about time spent doing the job? How about the amount of time 45 has spent at his properties and playing golf? This is the guy that said he would not have time for golf all the while criticizing President Obama for the few times he played golf. How about the amount of time he spends watching TV and tweeting? How about the fact that no other presidency has lost so many top personnel in its first year as this one?

Now 17 more children are dead—he blames everyone but offers no solutions.

Is all this and more representative of a legitimate presidency?

And maybe legitimacy isn’t the most significant question or issue. Maybe the central issue is how hypocrisy on a grand scale is eroding our nation. By this this I mean—for decades and primarily since the end of WWII—until just a little over a year ago—most Americans viewed Russia as the enemy, our chief adversary…

What happened?

I leave you which this.

Joy Reid wrote an opinion piece for the Daily Beast, in which she states:

We have entered an age of unreason; an American dark age. A major political party has fallen into decay, seized full on by extremists and overrun by racism, tribalism, greed, xenophobia, and demographic panic. It is no longer a question of whether their president can ever be our president, and speak to the nation with moral authority. He can’t. His legitimacy is too much in doubt and his character too absent. The only question is whether the majority can hang onto its collective outrage long enough to drive the neo-Nazis, anti-modernists, haters, and fear-mongers who have organized under the Trump banner back into the shadows.

What say you?

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