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Lots going on but first I want to shout out my progressive followers who have been challenging the Progressive Latino FB Right-wing trolls. Am please to see that many of you challenge the trolls. Keep it up! I enjoy right-wing participation so that progressives can see what they already know that many of these folks can only express some form of hate-of-other. If you track these folks – you can see how their comments are generally insults, and displays of some form of hate—rare to read any substance. This is what is wrong–when a large portion of the voter base acts on negative emotion vs. the good of the nation—the common cause.

Moving on:

The Mueller investigation continues and there are plenty of signs of dirty dealings with the Russians. The Gates indictment may well prove to be the equivalent to how John Dean took down Nixon. We don’t know but the indicators are there.

Some of the Right-wing trolls asked senseless questions about Mexico. Here is what is important to understand about the immigration issue. First, there are the 11 million in the US. They are here because there are jobs. The jobs are given NOT taken. They are given by American business owners—many being top corporations in the construction, hotel, and fast food industries. So instead of hunting down Mexicans— the Right should go after the business owners but they don’t cause it is better for them to just hate. It is all about hate not laws. And the worst kind of hater is the phony Christian who wears the bible on his/her sleeves to then rationalize their hate of the other. The Right-wing media propaganda cartel knows this and for years feeds the base red meat daily so they end up ignoring their interests and instead just let themselves get wound up cultural issues.

This same process is applied to guns, which even Right-wing Justice Scalia indicated the 2d Amendment does not provide unlimited rights to own any kind of weapon. Ari Melber has it right. See article and video: “Shatters NRA Myth: The Second Amendment Does Not Cover Assault Weapons.” Please pass this video on to friends.

It is common knowledge that most Americans favor stricter gun control. One survey found that “63 percent (to 29 percent) of those polled believe that semi-automatic guns like the AR-15 used by the Florida shooter should be banned.” Today we hear that Dick’s Sporting will stop selling assault weapons and bump stocks. Their CEO said its permanent—hopefully he will keep his word.

So back to Mexico. They will not pay for the wall and anyone who believed 45 when he said they would is just happy to be ignorant and playing into the con.

So back to hate and ignorance displayed by our trolls. Latinos that are already US citizens see and hear what is going on—will not forget. We are all Americans. There is no good that can come from divisions based on hate, bigotry, and racism… WE need to think, debate, and act in terms of policy for our own good.

The Republican leadership has long ago drifted from their small government, fiscal conservative agenda. They are focused on conning their base while serving the 1-percent. Why do you on the Right let them? The Republican Party needs to take responsibility for its self and move the party back to the days of President Eisenhower, the last true conservative president.

What say you?

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