Kav in! Dems have only themselves to blame!!

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Yes, the cards were stacked against us with the Republicans in charge but for many reasons, Dems have only themselves to blame.  While I can start with the way we let 45 win the presidency, I’ll just jump to more recent issues. First, Dems need to get rid of Joe Manchin, Den in name only for West VA is not a Democrat. When he will not vote with Dems when it matters most – he is not worth time and money spent to keep him in power.  Quite frankly, it is best if a Republican has his seat to have Manchin.  We need to get rid of him.

Dems can also blame their weak, pathetic leadership.  Sadly, the folks most vocal against all things Right-wing have of late been former republicans.  Schumer hides behind his podium. Most have no guts to play hardball. Senator Finestien screwed the Ford issue up by not brining it up earlier. Pelosi is in hiding and even Obama could have been much more vocal – not only on the Kav issue but as we lead up to the mid-terms, with days a few weeks away – there is NO – Nada by way of a Democratic message that can motivate Dems to vote!!!!

Our Democratic leadership needs to learn to play hardball or we will lose to 45 in 2020, and don’t be surprised that a few weeks from now we are surprised that we did not take back to House by sufficient margins to control the debate.

Dems want to hear our leaders call for 45’s impeachment; for Fav’s impeachment; for an investigation into the phony “investigation” that was a Jeff Flake scam to give him and Collins cover for their yes vote.  If Dems don’t start playing hardball with the Right-wing; they will lose and lose more as their base tires from self-motivation and lack of any inspiring leadership!

Vote this Nov!!!


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