About TPL


The Progressive Latino (TPL) was established to provide a forum for progressive-minded Latinos another progressives to share information, opinion, and be informed and educated on issues important to progressive Latinos. TPL’s intent is to enable exchange of ideas, thoughts, and commentary on topics of interest to the Latino community.  Latinos, per the 2010 census, make up approximately 1 of 6 Americans.  Latinos can have a voice in their future.  We have already seen the power of  a united voice in the 2012 election where Latinos helped President Obama win re-election.  We welcome your participation. Please let others know about TPL.   TPL is a relatively new blog, established in 2011 so we will make mistakes.   Since its founding, TPL readership has grown steadily.  To accommodate growth TPL in July 2013 transitioned website host and blog program so please be patient.  We welcome any advice.  Our apologies beforehand though we will continually strive to do our best to provide useful content.  Feel free to contact TPL at tpl@theprogressivelatino.com.


The Progressive Latino