Time the Dem leadership grow a spine!!

The Democratic Party is leaderless and without leadership we risk losing the mid-term elections or at least  not winning enough to have firm control of the House. For sure we risk losing 2020 if we don’t get agressive Democratic leadership on the attack with a message that will motivate the many we need beyond the standard base.  The current democratic strategy is based on hope – the hope that enough democrats and independents will get out and vote during in anger over 45. That is not enough.  

The Republican Party has plenty of leaders – they are agressive and their lies and misleading statements are just fine for their “happy-to-be-stupid” base.

What should our message be? It must be that the Democratic Party is the party of the American worker and family. It must highlight fair wages and compensation for all not just harp on the $15 dollar minimum wage issue. Many in the middle class are struggling – they need higher wages, paid time off, and decent health care. We also need to run on the issue of justice. Justice has been thrown out the window the the republicans. We need to hear our leadership say that if we win – we will not “consider” impeachment not only or 45 but of for Kavenaugh. We need to hear our leadership stand up for the FBI and the Intelligence community and highlight how White nationalists are as much or more a threat as MS 13. Justice includes how we provide healthcare to all via Medicaid expansion.

Our leadership needs to display anger, excitement, determination and get out outside where Americans are not just on MSNBC. Hope is not a winning strategy!!!


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