Limbaugh calls the Obama Base “Savages and “Walking Human Debris.”

Not all conservatives are bad.  Many just have a different view on life and that is OK.  Our work as progressives is to ensure the progressive policies are what Americans will go for.  It is however, the far right wing looney toons who have no respect for fellow Americans.   Rush Limbaugh is the number 1 or 2 looney toon depending on what Glenn Beck is up to.  Today Rush spewed  a vile diatribe against liberals.  You need to listen to this.  What do you think?  If this upsets you, write to your congressman.

8 political takeaways from the census

CNN Politics laid out a very revealing assessment regarding the census results.  They provide 8 political takaways.  Number 1 is that, "Republicans need to improve relations with Hispanics. Fast."  One in six Americans are Latino/Hispanic while the White population is reducing in numbers.  TPL views that such numbers can translate to political power but only if Latinos are united through common cause.  Such "common cause" needs to extend beyond the immigration issue to address with equal vigor health, education, and job for Latinos.

Nancy Pelosi on Republican proposal to eliminate Medicare

Nancy Pelosi in the Daily KOS provides a good desciption of the Republican agaend regarding their 2010 Budget.  As has been reported in vaious media this is aimed at further institutionalizing the Republican anti-social, anti-compassionate agenda by eliminating Medicare and cuting several other programs aimed at helping those Americans in need.  Latinos, Medicare works and is a very imporatant benefit that many seniors will not be able to have with Republican vouchers and privitizations schemes. 

Health Care & Latinos

This is a superb article that describes, " 5 Benefits The Hispanic Community Stands To Lose If Congress Repeals Health Care Reform"  See their aticle at (at  The health care law enacted by the Obama administraion is the first major overhaul in years.  It is now the perfect plan but it provides several benefits that would not exist otherwise.  The conservative agenda to repeal and not fund the new health care law is misguided and uncaring.  Get informed Latinos.  Health care is today and will be a major agenda item for the 2012 election.  We need to back the progressive agenda that calls for improved health care for all Americans.

US Budget

The battle for the 2011 budget continues.  Democrats appears to be asserting themselves trying to create a split betwwen the Republican mainstream leadership and the Tea party.  The Republicans are trying to take advantage of the situation argueing for the need to cut spending while in reality seeking to impose their social agenda by attaching riders to the bill that would defund health care, cut student financial aid, cutting Head Start, aid to veterans, job training and other emplyment benefits, planned parenthood – well the list goes on.  It is one thing to cut spending, which I agree with but it should be done by examining the impact on programs and them making an informed decision program by program.  Imposing a social agenda has nothing to do with improving the economy as some conservatives would like you o think.  It is imperative that we communicate to our representatives the need to hold the line against the conservative anti-middle class agenda. See the excellent article by the "Prgress Report" for all the details at

Lack of a National Latino Leader

The Pew Hispanic Center  indicated that the 2010 Census Latinos, "counted 50.5 million Hispanics in the United Sates, making up 16.3% of the total population."  Yet with such large numbers, there are few national Latino leaders.  It is interesting that according to a Pew Hispanic Center report, the most widely recognized latino leader is Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor.  See the full report at: and let us know what you think.

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